Patience and persistence are attributes necessary to be an entrepreneur.  The fact is, you won’t always get everything right, and you almost certainly won’t get everything right away. The ability to stick through the valleys, to stay the course during the dry periods, to continue to believe in your dream, is paramount.

Going through a rough patch? take a REST

1.  Reflect – Think back to the points in time where business was at its best, or when you just started and how it felt. What was happening at that time? Is there something you were doing that you stopped? Maybe there are practices, thought processes that you forgot over time.. get back to basics.

2. Evaluate – Take an honest look at your business, look at your competitors as well, what do you need to improve on? Are you sticking to your core values? Do you need to make changes? Ask your team for feedback.

3. Set some easy to attain short-term goals – Achieving small victories can lift your morale and get you on a roll to positive long-term changes. The feeling of victory will also spread throughout your team and can boost your outlook and in-turn production.

4. Trust your dream – As said before, patience and persistence…. Business, as with life is a roller coaster, ups and downs are part and parcel of the experience. Your dream is still alive, stick it out, the race is not for the swift. Keep at it. Stay positive.